The Brightest Stars Burn Out

Image of The Brightest Stars Burn Out


Written and recorded when we were ONLY 15 and 16 years old, The Brightest Stars Burn Out is our first ever full length album. There are only a couple hundred of these left and we won’t be pressing anymore after they’re gone, so get them while you can! We don’t play any of these songs anymore, but we are still very proud of them and they are a must have for any true AFS fan!

Artwork by Don Clark at the Grammy nominated Asterik Studios in Seattle, WA!

1. “Me vs. the Ground (But Everybody Wins)”
2. “Love & Lies”
3. “Et Tu?”
4. “Meeting the Lights”
5. “Best Thing”
6. “Nataly”
7. “Prisoner’s Song”
8. “Saction”
9. “You’ll Feel Fine Tomorrow”
10. “I Went Nowhere & All I Got Was This Stupid T-Shirt”